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Fusion 360 Team - Participant

An additional Fusion 360 user with limited permissions, enabling internal and external teams to work more effectively with designers.

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Fusion 360 Team Participant facilitates sharing, reviewing and managing design projects from any device - streamlining the development process. Team participant grants users read-only access to your design environment for data management and collaboration purposes only.

Fusion 360 Team

Connect with your teams and suppliers

Manage access and share files securely with internal and external stakeholders. View and review designs instantly with easy-to-use software for collaboration.

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Fusion 360 Team

Communicate your design progress

Centralise all design changes, comments and mark-ups made from various teams to easily see how your project is progressing, with design collaboration software.

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Fusion 360 Team

Collaborate without limitation

Access project details from anywhere, at any time, on a web browser or mobile device with Fusion 360 collaboration functionality.

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Fusion 360 services

For more than thirty years we have invested in providing our clients with the best technical support available. Our skilled team of experts understand how to use technology effectively to streamline any project and can develop the right solution for your requirements.

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Our Fusion 360 team

Our biggest asset is our team. With over 150 years’ worth of experience combined, our team provides a cross-section of skills from multiple disciplines - translating into a dynamic and innovative resource for the Australasian building industries.

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