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We are CAD software specialists that help businesses unlock future opportunities through fast, tailored and innovative software solutions.

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Make smarter with your software

We offer a wide range of services to accelerate, optimise and simplify your software and processes. Gain access to our experienced technical services team to troubleshoot, configure, customise or develop your software to suit your requirements.

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Our services

Instructor-led training

We are an accredited Autodesk Training Centre (ATC) with comprehensive training resources designed to accelerate your understanding. Learn from qualified instructors on site or online using sample projects and exercises that emphasise real-world, practical applications.

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Our services

Product support

Gain access to our experienced Autodesk®-certified technical services team with priority support. This prepaid, time-based service can be purchased separately or as an add on to any software purchase. Enables remote interrogation and troubleshooting of your software, ensuring a speedy resolution of even the most complex problems.

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Our services

Software automation & development

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve and gain a competitive advantage. Automation and development reduce manual effort and extend the capabilities your software, resulting in accelerated turnaround times, improved efficiencies and enhanced productivity.

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Products for your industry

Technology is transforming the way that products, buildings and infrastructure are created. Discover more solutions to support the rapid innovation needed to meet today's design challenges.

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Our architecture software solutions will equip you to meet any project challenge – now and in the future.


Our Engineering products have the power to better connect people, processes, and ideas to create more resilient and sustainable solutions.


Our Construction products connect information, people and technology to solve construction's biggest challenges.


We offer a comprehensive set of solutions for design, digital prototyping and development. This gives teams the ability to explore, communicate, refine and implement new ideas into viable products.


We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to improve the design and manufacturing processes. This gives teams the ability to explore, communicate, refine and implement new ideas into viable products.

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