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Architecture. The power to design a better world

We believe in the power of architecture to design a better world. Using powerful software tailored to each project's requirements, we equip architectural teams to conceptualise, collaborate and create more effectively.

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Cadpro has a specialist focus on the Australasian building industry. We understand how to use technology effectively to streamline the architectural design, documentation and visualisation process. From configuring and customising software to establishing templates and protocols, we offer a range of technical services to maximise productivity across any project.

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'The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, informative and made the course interesting.'


'I must say I learned a lot throughout this course. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, informative and made the course interesting. Additionally, the company delivering the course was highly professional, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
Overall, I had a great experience and highly recommend this course to others looking to enhance their Revit skills. The inclusion of great coffee and food ensured I kept my focus – this was a nice surprise and added to the overall enjoyment of the course. Cadpro did a great job! Thank you!'

- Vivien Bayer, Revit Architectural attendee

'Thank you for your patience and expertise.'


'I attended an on-line Revit training course last week, taught by Paul Mokler-Tibbs, which was invaluable. I’ve been using Revit for 18 months and so opted out of some elementary topics. However, there were many aspects of Revit that I was exposed to that will greatly improve my ability to work with this software on projects.

Paul very kindly offered me additional training on a number of issues that were not covered in the course. These included developing a clearly defined Revit folders/files structure for our company (invaluable); creating templates, profiles and components; transferring standards between projects and the establishment of phased stages of construction. With these additional skills I feel a lot more confident with Revit, but also realise how much there still is to learn about this incredible piece of software!

Thank you for your patience and expertise.'

– Janine Fenelon, IR Group

'There’s nothing like it on the market, it’s a very custom solution.'


'Cadpro helped us give architects the ability to change sizing without talking to us. They could grab a sidefold unit, put it on the wall so it’s in the correct place and make adjustments accordingly. Quite technical in terms of trying to plan that from a software point of view, Gary Page (Cadpro) did an amazing job at that.

There’s nothing like it on the market, it’s a very custom solution. The response from the architects using it has been fantastic. We have had architects come back who are really excited about it.'

– Mark Millar, Gymleader