viewing clashes 3d model in BIM collaborate software

BIM Collaborate features

Autodesk BIM Collaborate streamlines workflows on a unified platform, empowering project teams to collaborate and deliver work efficiently.

switching views of a 3D model in BIM collaborate software

Design collaboration

Efficiently handle civil engineering, building design, and diverse data related to multiple disciplines through project-centric workflows within a unified platform. Monitor the progress of design packages across various project roles, facilitating improved connectivity, communication and transparency throughout the project.

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3d model in BIM collaborate software

Model collaboration

Easily collect multi-disciplinary models from various file formats, curate perspectives, generate personalised collaboration areas and distribute to on-site teams. By establishing tailored collaboration areas, teams can ensure model accuracy, providing designers and BIM experts with the means to examine designs and perform automated clash detection. Easily navigate federated models to identify potential constructability problems.

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managing an issue related to a model in BIM collaborate software

Issue management

Monitor all issues, starting from design to handover, in a unified location. Convert clashes into problems with ease and allocate them to the relevant party for resolution. Track and confirm design solutions in a single location. Enhance accountability to resolve issues promptly and with greater transparency.

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Autodesk Docs software

Autodesk Docs

Autodesk Docs is a document management solution that centralises data, models, files and documents for all project teams and is included free of charge with all Autodesk Build subscriptions.

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Additional features