Case study

3DS Group: digital design collaboration improves efficiency, saves time

3DS Group are a dedicated team of engineers and draftspeople committed to delivering high-quality drafting services across ACT and NSW.

The challenge

Managing a design and construction team is never easy, but the team at 3DS Group in Canberra, Australia had to meet a tight two-month deadline in just three weeks. The multi-storey office development for a government department in Canberra was at risk of dragging out with weekly meetings scheduled beyond the on-site start date, and no collaboration technology or processes implemented.

The timeline was the main challenge; however, the head contractor also lacked the in-house resources or experience to collaborate effectively, which required 3DS Group to manage the process on the client’s behalf. Individual contractors needed immediate direction, and in one instance the mechanical contractor had two weeks to coordinate, manufacture and deliver the initial floor due to on-site work that needed to start immediately.

Project Location:

Software Used:

A rendering of a building at night, with front glass facade and hanging lights inside, covered drop off area in front

Project goals

With construction projects dependent upon collaboration from design to handover, the team called for a more efficient approach to managing multi-disciplinary trades. It is not uncommon for a customer to work with six parties, but being a multidisciplinary services company, 3DS Group took on modelling for multiple trades bringing this down to just three.

3DS Group modelled the three different trade packages in-house, which allowed them to onboard collaboration software quickly. The result gave team members more time to collaborate and resolve issues with external companies quickly. This level of cloud-based collaboration is often not executed efficiently enough to allow contractors to mobilise quickly in the construction industry.

“Autodesk BIM 360 is the Common Data Environment and the Coordination Platform, making collaboration between companies effortless, and we didn’t need to introduce another software set other companies would have to learn and use.” Nathan Lenarduzzi, Managing Director, 3DS Group

“Cadpro is amazing. They are very efficient and always determine the best way to do things.”

Nathan Lenarduzzi, Managing Director, 3DS Group

Aerial view of a BIM model of a building with black background

The solution

As an Autodesk customer offering BIM modelling and management across Australia, 3DS Group works towards making CAD and BIM applications the best fit for the project, without the use of workarounds or additional tools. 3DS Group worked with Autodesk partner Cadpro to implement an Autodesk BIM 360 cloud-based collaboration solution.

The Autodesk BIM 360 cloud was implemented in a matter of days making it easy to share models between companies. Competing applications were not as complete or required significant training and “live linking” was setup so the whole design team is always on the same updated model. Managers could also allow collaboration and coordination features on projects at a click of a button.

Revit enables a new era of construction innovation by modelling specific physical tasks to an exact detail. For example, hanging points would normally be measured manually on site, but on this project, the locations of every hanging point were planned, modelled, and coordinated to the millimeter detail and then geolocated on site digitally. Hanging rods and supports were cut offsite to the exact length required, labelled, and brought to the site ready to install with no cutting or set out required. This innovative approach saved materials, time and reduced waste.

Aerial view of a BIM model of a building with black background

Business outcomes

3DS Group now has a modern, automated construction design platform, and the customer’s project was delivered faster and with more efficiency. This new level of efficiency enables better collaboration and more creativity. The business also benefits with exact detailing and improved stakeholder management.

A BIM model of ceiling ducts and beams

The Result:

Bringing cloud collaboration to manual workflows has delivered instant results for 3DS Group. By making use of Autodesk products in-line with detailed designs, the company has saved time, money, and reduced waste. 3DS Group is now well positioned to innovate faster across its construction design and management practice.bridging the gap between a 4-axis & 5-axis CNC machine.

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