An Introduction to MarkupX

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Would you like to manage Bluebeam PDF markups directly inside Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, or Civil 3D? Now you can - with MarkupX.

On this webinar, join Robert Gadbaw, who will take you through MarkupX's features, and how the software can streamline your design markup workflows between Bluebeam and Revit:

  • Bluebeam PDF markups open as issues directly inside your Revit* session.
  • Display markups in your design platform in the same location as they were placed in a PDF.
  • Instant zoom to markup location on your sheets, moving users effortlessly from sheet to sheet and capturing each markup.
  • Closeout markups once they are completed.
  • Insert families directly into Revit from a Bluebeam PDF.
  • Push status and comments back to Bluebeam.

*And other Autodesk products: AutoCAD, Civil 3D

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