How to

Autodesk Account: about primary admins

Primary Admin Roles:

  • Manage software users and their access to product.
  • Allocate secondary admins, SSO admins and make changes to primary admins.
  • If they are also the contract manager, manage subscription billing and renewals.
  • Manage SSO (single sign-on).

In a team there can only be one primary admin, however, one person can be the primary admin for multiple teams. Primary admin roles can be changed and reassigned at any point in Autodesk Account.

Changing a Primary Admin:

The primary admin’s role in Autodesk Account is to manage users and their access to product. If you change the primary admin, it will not change the owner of the subscription (a subscription owner manages payments and renewals and receives all related communications). Find information on how to change a subscription owner below.

When you assign a new primary admin, the former primary admin role will be allocated as a secondary admin.

  1. Sign into your Autodesk Account at In the left navigation menu click User Management > By User.
  2. Select the secondary admin that you would like to assign as primary admin.
  3. Select Change Role.
  4. Click Primary admin then click Save.
  5. Select Reassign primary admin to confirm.

Changing a Subscription Owner:

If you have purchased your license through Cadpro, the subscription owner is the contract manager. To change the contract manager please contact Cadpro.