How to

Autodesk Account: about secondary admins

Secondary Admin Roles:

  • Manage software users and their access to product.
  • Allocate other secondary admins and change primary admins.
  • If they are also a contract manager, they are able to manage billing and subscription renewals.
  • Generate product usage reports for all teams, users and subscriptions.

Secondary admins are assigned by primary or other secondary admins to assist with the management of users and their access to product.

A team can have multiple secondary admins and secondary admins are assigned by team, not contract, therefore they have visibility into all users and products in their team.

On purchase of new licenses, contract managers are automatically assigned as primary admin. When changing contract managers, new contract managers will automatically be assigned as a secondary admin unless they are already a primary admin.

Assign a Secondary Admin:

  1. Sign into your Autodesk Account at In the left navigation menu click User Management > By User.
  2. Select the name of the user you want to assign secondary admin.
  3. Select Change role.
  4. Click Secondary admin and select Save.