Autodesk AutoCAD productivity study: Map 3D toolset

In this productivity study, you will see how the Map 3D toolset saves time through features including:

  • Offering three mapping/GIS workspaces: Planning and Analysis Workspace, Maintenance Workspace, or 2D Drafting Workspace.
  • Providing coordinate geometry commands that can use bearings, azimuth, and deflection, combined with distances, to create geometry and parcels
  • Linking database data to block attributes to display correct, up-to-date information.
  • The Map Explorer tab providing a full visual breakdown of the database and the tables linked to the drawing.
  • Using the MAPIMPORT command to be able to use the ESRI® ArcView™ ShapeFile in its native format.
  • Any mapping/GIS drawings including objects created with the FDO features stylisation engine.

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