BIM model coordination in Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud provides construction teams with cost-effective tools that enhance team collaboration and connectedness, and save time and project costs.
The model coordination module in Autodesk Construction Cloud provides users a space to upload, review and detect clashes between their latest sets of 3D BIM models. In this blog post, we will explore the key features and benefits of model coordination, highlighting its role in enhancing project teams' efficiency and effectiveness.

Elrina Mills

Elrina Mills

AEC BIM Technical Consultant

Coordination spaces

Coordination spaces are a place for teams to easily upload 3D models for review and clash detection. Files in Autodesk Docs are configured against coordination spaces to pull published models and create views with federated models.

Coordination spaces enable:

  • Automatic model updates in the shared folder as team members share new packages.
  • Teams to check their latest published model before sharing a new package on the timeline.
  • Automatic clash detection between objects in 3D RVT, DWG, NWC, and IFC models.
  • Management of clash settings, with the ability to opt individual models in and out of automatic clash detection as required.

Curated views

The model view tool provides a detailed list of models, contributors, and clash statistics for each model. Creating custom-curated model views enhances team focus during coordination efforts.

Model views enable:

  • Conveniently aggregated views of selected models, which can be displayed in the viewer with tools available to control the view, take measurements, and inspect model properties.
  • The ability for users to save groups of models as views, enabling targeted reviews based on specific project subsets, such as a particular floor of a building.
  • The selection of specific elements with model property filters, allowing teams to focus on specific areas, further increasing the efficiency of a review process.
  • The creation of snapshots from views, which can be sent to Autodesk Docs for mobile viewing or field use.

Automated clash detection and issues

Clash detection automatically identifies clashes in intersections between model objects. Facilitate comprehensive constructability reviews by aggregating multi-discipline models, regardless of file format. Review automatically grouped clashes to focus on those most important and save stakeholder and project team time.

In model viewer, you can investigate clash geometry in the context of surrounding models. Classifying clashes as "issues" or "not an issue" initiates further investigation, with assignments to team members, due dates, and root cause analyses.

The issues tool provides a collaborative space for assignees, owners, and project members to view issue details and track resolution progress quickly and efficiently.


Autodesk Construction Cloud’s model coordination tools empower project teams with easy-to-learn BIM tools, automatic clash detection, and a collaborative environment for efficient coordination in the creation of federated BIM models. By utilising coordination spaces, custom views, and issue tracking, teams can navigate the complexities of 3D project modelling with precision and effectiveness.

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