Case study

Advance Steel improves accuracy and efficiency for JP Engineering

Autodesk Advance Steel software, supplied and supported by Cadpro, boosts accuracy and efficiency for Auckland fabricators JP Engineering.

Project Location:
Auckland, New Zealand

Software Used:
Autodesk Advance Steel®

Founded by John Power in 2015, JP Engineering provides general and structural steel fabrication services for light commercial and residential projects across the Auckland region.

Steel fabrication demands absolute precision, and JP required a new CAD drafting software solution to improve the efficiency of their processes and to maximise communication and collaboration with project consultants.

Oscar Mahy is a Lead Structural Draftsman at JP, and his work involves acquiring plans from architects and engineers, optimising steel use, and drafting plans for fabrication and installation. He explains some of the issues that can crop up when documenting structural steel: ‘Human input can give rise to small mistakes, such as the wrong plate size, or a wrong bolt spec, all of which we have to find and fix.’

Added to that, the drafting team were spending too long on simple, repetitive tasks.

A factory of JP Engineering

Project goals

JP’s main objective was to reduce the risk of data-input error and reduce rework, as well as optimise workflow through the entire pipeline from drafting to fabrication and installation. They also wanted to leverage the benefits of software to automate repetitive tasks and free up the team for higher-value work.

An Advance Steel model screenshot

The solution

Local Autodesk partner Cadpro implemented Autodesk Advance Steel, provided comprehensive training, and customised the software package to suit JP Engineering and their team. Advance Steel is dedicated software for detailing, fabrication and construction. Compatible with other software packages used across the industry, the technology aids collaboration between engineers and detailers, clarifying design intent and reducing rework.

Through the smart automation of repetitive tasks, creation of accurate drawings based on trusted data, and integration of workflows and tools, it smooths the flow from design to fabrication and installation.

“Before changing platforms, we were spending too long on repetitive tasks. Advance Steel has minimised many of those processes to speed things up and make work more interesting.”

JP's image

Business outcomes

Oscar explains some of the benefits that came from adopting the Autodesk software. ‘Before changing platforms, we were spending too long on repetitive tasks. Advance Steel has minimised many of those processes to speed things up and make work more interesting.’

In removing manual input, documentation is more precise and accurate, as Oscar points out. ‘I work with another detailer, and we’ve found that the software improves efficiency for both of us. We can turn something around faster, which helps the guys in the shop get it to site on time. Even the smallest improvements in the efficiency of simple processes add up to a measurable impact, so the software is really useful in that regard.’


JP has found Advance Steel intuitive to learn – especially with the training course offered by Cadpro – and it is compatible with other software packages used across the industry. By enabling the customisation of JP’s drawing styles, Cadpro has helped the company improve workflows and reduce production time.

Oscar adds that the Cadpro team have been friendly and helpful in setting up his base skills in Advance Steel. ‘They’ve been easy to deal with, and it’s useful having them both as a training resource and as a software supplier.’

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