Collaborative workflows between Autodesk Inventor & Fusion

How and why to use interoperability tools to send design data back and forth between Inventor and Fusion.

Inventor and Fusion have many similar functionalities, which often begs the question: Inventor or Fusion? In this webinar, our design and manufacturing specialist, Fred Van Der Merwe will instead address the answer: Inventor and Fusion, with a focus on collaboration.

You will learn about:

  • Exports vs interoperability
  • The Inventor to Fusion workflow
  • The Fusion to Inventor workflow
  • The role of the Desktop Connector in these relationships
  • Examples and reasons to use both workflows
  • Pushing changes from source models in both cases
  • Anycad reference model vs import model
Fred Van Der Merwe

Fred Van Der Merwe

Design & Manufacturing Technical Consultant

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