Case study

Custom Plenum Creations: Autodesk Fusion and a Cadpro Custom Post Bridges the Gap

Custom Plenum Creations offers clients the latest in design, simulation & fabrication of sheetmetal and CNC machined intake manifolds to suit a range of popular performance engines.

The challenge

Ariel Banco of Custom Plenum Creations began hand-producing automotive intake manifolds out of his garage in 2003. Fast forward seven years and Ariel had evolved his business model and opened shop. Ariel has since acquired three CNC machines and continues to produce intake manifolds for the Australian and international custom car market.

As a small business, Ariel needed to simplify operations and increase efficiency. He required a modelling & CNC software that would allow him to easily model parts and manufacture them. Additionally, Ariel’s CNC machines were 4-axis, but his parts had features which required machining on the 5th axis.

Project Location:

Software Used:

A custom plenum by Ariel installed in a car engine

Project goals

Ariel was looking for CAD/CAM software that was simple to design with and that he could make changes to quickly. Ariel explains, “It’s what I need for a business like mine, it’s not a high production business, it’s a lot of different parts and low volume. I need to make changes quickly and the process needs to be as smooth as possible.”

To gain 5-axis like machining capability on his 4-axis machines, Ariel required a custom post-processor that would take advantage of angle milling heads he had previously purchased. To ensure a smooth process, he also needed a seamless and intuitive workflow in Autodesk Fusion for programming toolpaths with the angle heads.

“It removed an operation that I had to do by hand and saved an hour per complete part. In terms of cost, it’s saved 2-3 hours a week, which is 2 weeks of savings per year. That’s massive for me with a small shop like mine where I’m trying to save every minute.”

Ariel Banco, Owner – Custom Plenum Creations

A red and black plenum on plain background

The solution

Ariel employed Autodesk Fusion as the most user-friendly solution for the design and modelling of his intake manifolds. To address the 5-axis requirements, Scott Moyse (Cadpro), supplied Ariel with a custom post–processor. Scott developed the post to make programming as simple as programming a 5-axis machine in Autodesk Fusion.

A silver plenum on plain background

Business outcomes

Autodesk Fusion has enabled Ariel to model and program on his machine quickly and easily and has driven a streamlined production model in his small business. The custom post–processor has reduced the time and cost it would have previously taken Ariel to produce his manifolds.

“It removed an operation that I had to do by hand and saved an hour per complete part. In terms of cost, it’s saved 2-3 hours a week, which is 2 weeks of savings per year. That’s massive for me with a small shop like mine where I’m trying to save every minute.”

A purple Nissan Skyline with bonnet open in a carpark

The Result:

Autodesk Fusion’s ease of use has allowed Ariel to run his business more efficiently and helped him to avoid costly and time-consuming modelling glitches. As he explains, “Autodesk Fusion is easy to use, easy to learn and I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without it.”

Cadpro’s custom processor has further enabled Ariel to run his business less laboriously, saving time in the machining process and cost-effectively bridging the gap between a 4-axis & 5-axis CNC machine.

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