Case study

Like Butter connects design and manufacturing with Autodesk Fusion

Customer Challenge:

Like Butter is a design and manufacturing fabrication business based in regional Victoria and have been in operation since 2007. The company offers storage and shelving products, along with one-off and bespoke commissions for commercial and non-commercial applications, with a specialist focus on plywood manufacturing and modular shelving systems.

Jem Selig Freeman, industrial designer, and co-owner of Like Butter, explains their primary challenge was to employ CAD/CAM software that would assist them to cost effectively run their design to manufacture workflows, and speed up their ability to get product to market. The company also needed a solution that would allow them to efficiently design and manufacture custom or bespoke commissions.

Project Location:
Victoria, Australia

Software Used:

Project Goals:

Like Butter had been searching for software that was cost-effective and could aid with integrating their in-house design and manufacturing process. Jem says the solution would need to allow them to conduct robust parametric modelling and computer-aided manufacturing. Like Butter also required local assistance in managing their licenses as the team grew and new licenses were added.


Cadpro provided Like Butter with Autodesk Fusion as the best solution for their CAD/CAM integration and parametric modelling requirements. Autodesk Fusion was really the option that provided them with seamless flow between their CAD and CAM environments. Cadpro also assisted Like Butter to manage licensing and subscriptions as they continued to grow and add Autodesk Fusion seats.


Business Outcome:

As a result of employing Autodesk Fusion for in-house design and manufacturing, Like Butter has experienced significant gains in productivity and time savings compared to the software they had previously employed.

Jem explains, “We have saved a huge amount of time with the reprogramming over what we had done before. We used to have to get our operator to redraw and reprogramme from scratch for changes in material thickness. Autodesk Fusion has saved us a huge amount of time for that process. That was just such a different way of working from how we’d worked previously. It was a real gamechanger, the ability to machine on-demand much more efficiently.”

Additionally, Like Butter has now built a robust template library in Autodesk Fusion, which speeds up their manufacturing capabilities even more; “We have Invested a lot in our own template library. It is time-intensive to build, but now we’re sitting on resource that we can deploy quickly.”


Autodesk Fusion has given Like Butter the ability to successfully, cost effectively and efficiently conduct the design and manufacture of their product line in-house. It has also allowed them to increase their ability to design and manufacture for bespoke and one-off projects. In terms of support, Jem explains, “Cadpro is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and they have our back on the CAD and CAM software side of things.”

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