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M2 Overland: Trek R

M2 Overland’s TREK-R products were born out of a gap in the New Zealand market for high quality, cleverly manufactured ute tray and canopy systems for both commercial and recreational utility vehicles. Nick Langan, General Manager of M2 Overland explains that it is their clients who make the products special, and kiwi tradespeople who work hard during the week and are outdoor enthusiasts on weekends, who inspire M2 Overland to supply the market.

Autodesk software used in the design of M2 Overland’s Tray and Canopy Systems:

A utility vehicle crossing a river with mountains in the background
A utility vehicle with M2 Overland canopy at sunset in the countryside

Manufacturing Excellence

Intelligent design and manufacturing are central to M2 Overland’s production model. The entire manufacturing process from design to delivery is controlled in-house, resulting in fast turnaround, enhanced quality control, and consistency in product.

M2 Overland’s Design Engineer Robert Beedell has used Autodesk Inventor software for the past 20 years and continues to utilise the software for the design and modelling of M2 Overland’s tray and canopy systems. 

Man pulling tray out of M2 Overland canopy

Product Quality

Aside from the design and manufacturing practices that enhance the quality of M2 Overland products, the M2 team has further committed to the quality of their tray and canopy systems by investing in high-precision machinery and laser cutters for their factory.

Additionally, M2 Overland’s ute tray and canopy systems are manufactured with high-quality aluminium, which helps keep the weight of products to a minimum.

“M2 Overland stands for unmatched forming consistency, 3D developed, laser cut precision, skilled kiwi welding, and expert fabrication.”

Model from M2 Overland price builder

Price Builder

While smart design and manufacturing workflows assist M2 Overland to streamline production, a price builder on the M2 website enhances the customer experience by allowing clients to visualise and customise tray and canopy options.

Accessories and add-ons can be viewed on a client’s particular ute model through the price builder and quote instantly produced. Nick explains that there are hundreds of combinations available for the ute and canopy systems, depending on a customer’s individual requirements.

Check out the price builder and tray and canopy options here.

About M2 Overland:

M2 Overland’s ute tray and canopy systems are 100% New Zealand made and have been produced in their Napier factory since 2019. The M2 team are passionate about their craft and exceptional in their commitment to continuous improvement in design, testing, and engineering.

Contact M2 Overland: 0800 626