Steel structures — get connected with SCNZ connections

While working with steel structures, we often come across one key point that holds everything together, the connections between structural elements. The specifications of these connections facilitate the development of structural steel design, documentation, reliable cost estimation, and fabrication. In a model, these connections can range from a few to hundreds of different types of connections and can take a significant amount of time to configure.

Cadpro has developed connections for both Advance Steel and Revit Structural, that adheres to SCNZ (14.1:2007; SCNZ 14.2:2007):

  • The new connections feature provides over 1600 pre-configured connections for quick and reliable placement into your models.
  • A Structural Consultant can now show indicative connections and convey design intent to a fabricator.
  • Inbuilt connections will also enable consultants to produce models to a higher level of detail for LOD 350 or LOD 400.

In this webinar, we will take you through connections in both Revit and Advance Steel, and provide you with a preview of CADPRO's new steel connection. We will also demonstrate how you can add these connections to your designs to comply with SCNZ Connection standards.

Ignus Erasmus

Ignus Erasmus

AEC BIM Technical Consultant

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