Twinmotion for Revit

Epic Games Twinmotion for Revit is now included in all Autodesk AEC Collection and Revit subscriptions. Twinmotion assists users in quickly and easily bringing their designs to life and creating high-quality visualisations in a fast and interactive environment. Twinmotion makes possible anything from photorealistic stills and animations to compelling, immersive virtual reality.

This webinar will provide an overview of the Revit/Twinmotion integration, best practices, tips and tricks, and an exploration of the Twinmotion workflows that remove technical roadblocks and open creative avenues.

Other topics covered:

  • What is Twinmotion
  • How to get started
  • Getting your Revit content into Twinmotion
  • Exploring the new 2023 user interface
  • Tools and assets in the library
  • Creating images, panoramas and videos
  • Sharing and collaborating
  • Extending your experience with virtual reality
  • Frequently asked questions
Marcel van Oosterom

Marcel van Oosterom

AEC Industry Manager

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