Water quality and management

Water. It covers 70 percent of our earth, and it is easy to think it is always plentiful, but the freshwater we drink is incredibly rare, accounting for just three percent of the world’s water. According to the WWF, two-thirds of that is locked away in glaciers or otherwise unavailable for our use, and globally, we’re in a water crisis with the scarcity of clean water affecting more than one in 10 people on earth.

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Hard though it may be to believe, there are persisting issues with water quality in first-world countries like New Zealand and Australia. A recent Australian National University report shows significant gaps in drinking water quality in regional and remote Australia. In fact, the report says 1.2 million people in regional areas don’t know the quality of what is coming out of their taps.

For water authorities and councils, effectively and efficiently managing water and its quality has never been more critical. In fact, for water engineers and authorities, the two most significant challenges are supplying adequate drinking water and maintaining its quality.

Traditional tools, such as spreadsheets, paper maps and handwritten field reports, can provide and keep track of the data you need. However, these have their limitations. Making modelling of distribution networks to ensure available, clean drinking water and subsequent measuring, tracking, predicting, and reducing released pollutants more time-consuming and complex than need be.

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The right water infrastructure design, modelling and planning software can provide the tools you need for ecologically sound water resource management. Enabling you to confidently manage, track and trend water distribution and collection systems to deliver healthy water to consumers and minimise pollutant discharges into receiving water systems.

With the right combination of tools, you can:

  • Model the complete lifecycle of supplied water, including advanced pollutant tracking and changes in the age of water over time throughout the network
  • Create simulations for improved collection
  • Design drainage networks with green infrastructure to reduce pollutant release with low-impact development and sustainable best practice
  • Represent the resilience of sanitary and combined sewer systems and track pollutant loads and concentrations
  • Use live modelling to proactively manage your different systems and reduce discharge frequency and volume into river systems

If ensuring Australasians have reliable, high quality and sustainable water supply is part of your mission, then it is critical that you can confidently manage, track and trend water distribution and collection systems which deliver healthy water and minimise pollutant discharges.

As a provider of Innovyze’s software for water professionals, we can empower you with the right software and support for designing, modelling, analysing, managing, or investing in water and wastewater networks.

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