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Autodesk Fusion 360

Fusion 360 CAM classroom training

One of the huge benefits of Autodesk HSM CAM solutions is the CAM functionality built on top of industry leading CAD products. While a CAM programmer doesn’t need to know how to use the advanced features of the CAD system, they do need to know the basics so they can make the most of the new tool at their disposal.

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Autodesk Inventor

Inventor Introduction Classroom Training

This comprehensive course is a perfect hands-on accompaniment to learning, aimed at helping all practitioners, whatever their skill levels, to quickly become proficient with component modeling workflows, using Autodesk Inventor. Each stand-alone module contains clear learning objectives with practical task-based step-by-step examples, covering the software's core features and functionality, ensures you are productive from the very start of your learning.

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Manufacturing training

More manufacturing training courses

We offer a range of training options to suit your needs, including onsite corporate tuition, in-house workshops, remote and one-on-one training, customised training, and skills assessments.

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Our manufacturing specialists

For more than thirty years we have invested in providing our clients with the best technical support available. Our skilled team provides experience and expertise across product innovation, digital prototyping, plate processing, data management and more, translating into a dynamic and innovative resource for the Australasian design and manufacturing industry.