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Cadpro Tools for Revit

A set of add-in utilities designed to extend the project workflows and capabilities of Autodesk Revit and improve productivity.

Extend the capabilities of Revit with a specialised set of tools designed to increase efficiency and productivity.

Cadpro Tools for Revit

Receive complimentary Revit productivity tools from Cadpro with any purchase of Autodesk Revit or the Autodesk AEC Collection.

Cadpro tools for Revit

Deliver BIM management with ease

Efficiently manage data-rich Revit content with dedicated BIM tools that allow you to easily manipulate BIM data. Edit element properties with ease using a built-in spreadsheet editor or Excel, and push changes back to elements and schedules in your Revit project.

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Cadpro tools for Revit

Increase productivity, reduce costs

Save time and improve accuracy with tools and presets designed to optimise Revit.

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Cadpro tools for Revit

Data visibility and dashboarding

With Power BI Export, you can use Revit data to create tables, graphs and visual representations. Power BI allows you to efficiently review and manipulate data without needing to open a Revit file. Perfect for meetings, creating reports or quick reviews.

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